GMCP Shares Application Form 


The Three Tuns is owned by the community - currently we have over 280 shareholders and that number is growing all the time.

You may have watched progress of the pub from afar, seen the garden being transformed, the pub renovated, or perhaps watched the pub’s journey in the print and broadcast media. You may have come along to some of our pop up pub and cafe events and are currently enjoying the pub now that it is open for business. If you would like to be part of this community asset it’s not too late to buy shares. 


Perhaps you have just moved to the village or one of the surrounding villages or maybe you have been watching with interest but were unsure or unable to invest earlier. A share in The Three Tuns also makes a good birthday or Christmas present gift!

The Three Tuns is a community asset and we welcome anyone from the village and surrounding areas to buy shares. If you wish to buy shares, you can do so by downloading the Share Application Form below. 

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GMCP Share Application Form

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